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From editing, designing, typesetting, proofreading, and printing, to sales, marketing, and publicity, book publishing is a complex multi-stage operation.

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Lincoln Creative Writers is a publishing house that helps writers gain instant recognition for their work. We connect authors to their target readers to increase profitability by bringing their creative skills upfront. Make your book do well in the market.

Proper Formatting

Our team of expert writers and editors check your rough-and-ready manuscript to eliminate errors. We process your crude manuscript to make it shine bright like a diamond.

Empowering Visionary Ideas

Whether fiction or non-fiction, we make recommendations to enhance the storyline and subplots further. We recognize a well-written story when we see one.

Promoting Books

As book publishers, we promote your book on every platform your target readers may be. This Book publishing service maintains the writer’s reputation to help people identify the wordsmith.

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Hire a team of expert writers, editors, and publishers in the USA to reach new heights.

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Stages Of Book Publishing

We deliver precise and effective creative content to clients all over the world.

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Why you should hire Lincoln Creative Writers to publish your book

Professional Book And Book Publishing Services

Recognition From Masses

Recognition From Masses At Lincoln Creative Writers, the book publishing service is broken down into several steps to ensure all requirements are met. We bring your creative capabilities to the forefront to facilitate your dreams further.

We aim to:
  • Connect authors to readers
  • Help authors stand out from the crowd

Support And Reassurance

Our expert writers and editors extend their support to authors to leave positive remarks on their performance. But we also improve the highlight areas of improvement.

We aim to :
  • Develop a book
  • Increase profitability


The only thing that works to give your published piece a boost is publicity. The best of books fails to receive the recognition they deserve when they aren’t marketed properly.

We offer:
  • Track of sales records
  • Campaigns on multiple platforms

Production And Marketing

As book publishers, we handle everything from production to distribution. We make conscious efforts to increase sales of your Books through online marketing and guarantee your books remain well-stocked on the shelves.

We offer:
  • Timely updates on the progression of publishing
  • Powerful publishing platforms

Client Testimonials

“Wikipedia pages are always the first to pop up on search engine results. This gave me an idea, and Lincoln Creative Writers supported the idea by all means. I’ve been able to attract more clients since!”

Samantha Jones

“What Lincoln Creative Writers has been able to deliver for my Wikipedia page deserves all the appreciation. And boy do they go the extra mile for retaining that quality, highly recommended!”

Tom Hoffman

“I signed up for the Wikipedia page creation services at Lincoln Creative Writes to improve my existing business page; what they’ve done is far more commendable than any other service. I see results!”

Myke Cliff

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