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We Deliver Results with Our Newsjacking Post Writing Service

At Lincoln Creative Writers, we pride ourselves on delivering Newsjacking posts that stand out. In other words, our experts inject your brand into the day’s news!

Build Awareness

The original purpose of newsjacking posts is creating awareness around your brands. So, let us ensure that.

Boost Online Visibility

Looking to expand your operations online? Let newsjacking posts help make a strong case.

More Media Coverage

Our newsjacking posts ensure that you receive more media coverage in the digital landscape.

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Get Impactful Content That Matters

Our creative writing services are top-notch, backed by solid research, and completely free from plagiarism. It's all about quality you
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How We Write Newsjacking Posts?

Our Services Help Make a Difference

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What Makes Us the Best Newsjacking Post Writing Services

Looking to Revolutionize Your Business Landscape? Let Us Help

The Right Type of Marketing

Get the right type of marketing for your business with Lincoln Creative Writers. Our newsjacking efforts include

Here's what you can look forward to:
  • Give your newsjacking posts a solid injection of media coverage.
  • We have marketers working tirelessly to give your brand the coverage it needs.

Adding the Missing Piece to Your Puzzle

Every business needs a boost to improve its marketing tactics, and newsjacking posts can be a great solution. They offer:

We also offer:
  • Aligning with media-related coverage.
  • Adding uniqueness to the overall landscape.

Editorial Support

We have editors working with the newsjacking writers to ensure the content is viable and usable.

We also offer:
  • Our editors understand how attention-grabbing newsjacking posts are, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Our editors also ensure that the content aligns with your brand's vision.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support to our clients. Whether you’re looking to acquire our services for a month or three, we do it all.

We also offer:
  • Our chat supports handling revisions quickly.
  • Do you have a question that needs answered? Reach out to us today.
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Listen Jas from Cash Royalty Family

Hey, this is Jas from Cash Royalty, Just wanted to say thankyou to Lincoln Creative Writers for doing a super job! The whole team is super friendly and easy to work with. For us being new into the business, I really think the best part was personal attention and guidance that they gave us! We're 100% satisfied with Lincoln Creative Writers, especial thanks to Fiona & Marvin.

Jas from Cash Royalty Family

Appreciation from Clients

“Lincoln Creative did a fabulous job with the SEO for my laundry business. I saw a noticeable increase in my customers after my website was optimized.”

Whitney White

“I lost my job due to the pandemic. Thanks to these guys for helping me with my resume. Now I have a job, and I am satisfied.”

Daniel Tucker

“It's fascinating how they drafted a perfect business proposal for my company. Thanks to Lincoln, we have been able to crack a long-awaited deal.”

Howard Hofstetter

“What they did with my newsletter deserves all the appreciation. It had everything I wanted to convey to my valued clients. Bravo!”

Olivia F. Hoffman

“It's safe to say that they know how to sell a product. The descriptions they wrote were perfect and complimented our products brilliantly.”

Leonard Radcliff

“The people they have are best at what they do. The SEO they did help me reach thousands of clients and boost sales.”

Marlon Freeman

“My need was to get an informative .webpage for my truck business. The writers at Lincoln did an incredible job with attention to detail.”

James W. Brown

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