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Unlocking Funding for Fur-Ever Home- How to Write a Grant for Animal Rescue?

How to Write a Grant for Animal Rescue

Animal rescue is a job that genuinely deserves a pat on the back. The position is tiresome but much more rewarding. Although it does make you smile, at the end of the day, your animal rescue is a not-for-profit organization that runs on donation and fundraising.

Being in an animal shelter, you might have found yourself in a hitch of low funds for animal care. Shelters, like everything else, need money to function. They need it for rent, supplies, vets, staff, and essential supplies.

So, where can you get the money to help your furry friends? Well, grant programs are a fantastic resource you should consider. With them, you could rid your shelter’s money problems away. But how do you get one? Well, it’s easy to learn how to write a grant for animal rescue, and luckily, you’re at the right place.

 The following blog will take you on a trip of grant writing. As you write, we’ll talk about all the ins and outs to consider so that our four-legged friends get the care they deserve. From searching grants to applications, we’ll cover it all, so without further ado, let’s learn more about grants and how to write one.

What are Grants, and Why are they Special?

What are Grants, and Why are they Special?

We know you’re just as excited to get the grant money as a dog is to go outside, but before we learn more about writing, let’s talk about grants and their significance first.

Simply put, a grant is a financial sum you get from the government or any public, private, or not-for-profit sector for a specific purpose. Think of it as gifts an organization offers to your organization to help you with your cause.

Not to be confused with loans, the special thing about grants is that they are non-payable, meaning you don’t have to pay them back. But, you may need to follow specific guidelines while using the money provided.

How to Write a Grant Application for Animal Rescue Tips and Tricks?

How to Write a Grant Application for Animal Rescue Tips and Tricks?

Grants have a lot of significance in terms of financial assistance. However, getting one isn’t a walk in the park. Grants are limited, and you’re not the only one who needs a grant to help animals. Hundreds of animal shelters need the money as well. So, what can you do to ensure you get the money? Well, the best way is to learn how to write a grant proposal for animal rescue. Writing a proper grant application can boost your chances of getting your shelter the financial support it needs. Here are some tips to help with grant application writing:

1.      Make Grant Writing the Central Piece of your Strategy:

Let’s set one thing straight: grant writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some can write perfectly, while other struggles with penning down words. So, rather than jeopardize your animal shelter, why not find someone with strong writing skills?

You can choose to get a volunteer who enjoys writing, or you could also consider the assistance of a professional grant writer. Either way, ensure that grant writing is the centerpiece of your fundraising strategy. Rather than use multiple approaches to fundraising and donation for your animal rescue, ensure the grant is your primary approach while everything is centered around the effort.

2.      Grant Finding-Make it a Mission:

Now that you’re focusing entirely on grants, you must find them to write for. You can find grants in anything and every state, but the question is, “How?” Well, the best tool in your hand is your handy, dandy Google search engine.

Use the search engine to your advantage. Use the keywords specific to your rescue to help narrow your search. Use keywords with your state to find grants for specific states. In addition to the internet, also reach out to local charities to learn about any grants they offer. The more you search, the more opportunities you’ll have for grants.

3.      Search for Grants that Fit Your Organization:

Although you found several grants from your search, it doesn’t mean each one is specific to your needs. Picture this: you rescue dogs and offer them free spays and neuters while you find a grant that offers cat-free spays and neuters. Although both grants are aimed at population control, the animals they target aren’t the same, so it’s not one for you. You need to filter out grants that focus on your organization from your grants. And for that, you need to read them carefully to ensure they fit your cause perfectly. 

4.      Focus on a Personalized Approach:

Now that you have a specific grant list that best fits your organization, your next step is writing the grant proposal. Although each grant focuses on your organization, they may have minor differences.

So make sure that this is reflected in your grant proposal writing. Rather than using a cookie-cutter approach, make sure to personalize the proposal as per the grant requirements. Sending a personalized request would have a greater impact than a one-size-fits request.

5.      Use SMART Methodology:

Your grant request shouldn’t be a simple statement. No one will offer a grant if you just say, “to help the stray dogs in my area.” Your request must be specific and show results to make it sound believable. One way is by using the SMART methodology while writing your grant application. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Based. Here’s how the above statement can be written with the SMART approach, “To improve the well-being of stray dogs in my local vicinity by providing food, shelter, and medical care during the next five months.” You can observe the statement is far clearer regarding the organization’s aim and offers a specific timeline for the complete project

6.      Don’t Wait:

Now that you have made your grant application apply for it immediately. The sooner you apply before the deadlines, the better chance your grant application acceptance has. So, don’t miss out on any deadline, and make sure you apply on time.

7.      Always be Thankful

If you receive a grant, Congratulations! But be sure to thank the organization that offered the grant. Remember, Saying a simple “thank you” creates a lasting impression. Keep the organization updated regarding how their funds are being utilized.

Final Words

In conclusion, a grant is the best way to ensure your shelter funding. But as grants are limited, you need to try to get one. And the best way is by learning how to write a grant proposal for animal rescue. Using the point provided, you’re on your way to accepting a proposal.


What are Animal Rescue Grants?

Animal rescue grants are a financial sum offered by private or public organizations to help an organization with their animal rescue efforts. These grants are non-repayable, meaning the animal rescue doesn’t need to pay it back after spending it.

Are all Animal Rescue Grants the Same?

Although every grant may look similar, it may have differences in eligibility criteria. Make sure to give each grant in your list a proper read to filter out the irrelevant ones.

How are Local Animal Shelters Funded?

Most local animal shelters are not-for-profit organizations. They mainly use donations to help them operate. However, the best way to ensure they run properly is to ensure they get an animal rescue grant to help.

How Can I Find a Grant for my Animal Rescue?

Google is the best tool to search for grants online. Otherwise, you can also search local charities to learn about relevant grants they’re offering.

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