eBook Writing, The Right Way – How Long Should An eBook Be?

how long should an eBook be

Calling all e-writers. Get comfortable because we’re about to answer the age-old question that’s been clouding your path to eBook stardom: how long should an eBook be?

Authoring eBooks is all about crafting digital masterpieces. Whether you’re traversing different realms, spreading intellectual wisdom, inspiring with the story of your or somebody else’s life, or even making lives easier with some golden rules or how-to manuals, the length of your eBook can be a make-or-break moment.

Can you imagine all those countless sleepless nights of tirelessly drafting your eBook to perfection, going to waste just because you let your writing go on for too long or stopped too soon?

Well, neither can we because not only would it be a sinking, gut-wrenching feeling but also a massive hurdle that’ll slow you down on your journey to eBook stardom. Remember, in this day and age, all it takes is just one eBook and some good marketing to turn you into a bestseller overnight.

All you need to know is how long an eBook should be so you keep the readers hooked from the first look right till the end.

So, who’s ready to find out all the secrets to figuring out the perfect number when it comes to eBook length?

More Than the Number of Pages – What Makes a High-Quality eBook?

Now, before we start breaking down the different lengths of eBooks, there’s something you should keep in mind at all times. Sure, the number of your pages does play a huge role in your eBook’s overall success, but at the end of the day, it’s all about quality over quantity.

Your readers want to be awe-struck, no matter how bland the topic may be. Your eBook needs to provide a high-quality and immersive reading experience that leaves the reader wanting more, whether it’s in the form of beautifully described, tear-worthy memoir pieces or captivating and nail-biting fictional adventures.

So, just as having the ideal number of pages to your eBook is a goal you keep track of, ensuring quality writing should be one, too. It’s safe to say they go hand in hand. And if we narrow it down even more, here are a few things that make sure your eBook is a piece of high-quality writing.

High-Quality Writing

1.       Should Provide A Solution To Your Readers’ Problems

First and foremost, we have the aspect of problem-solving. Your eBooks should provide somewhat of a solution to a problem that your reader may be facing. So, by doing some thorough and careful research, you’ll be able to gauge just what your readers want to know more about. And, with this crucial information about your target audience, your eBook will be soaring to new heights.

2.       Providing Value

The concept of gains is a very important player in the discussion of human behavior and markets. And so, just as the lore goes, you need to make your eBook seem like a need or a want for your target audience by crafting it to be of significant value. In simple words, it needs to give the reader something rather insightful through perhaps how-to manuals, exercises, infographics, worksheets, or any other means.

By doing so, you make sure that the reader sticks after just reading the blurb or admiring the cover, follows through the rest of your writing, and leaves feeling beyond satisfied.

3.       Give Helpful Advice or Information

Everybody loves some good tips and tricks. So, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your eBook includes a list of helpful resources that are connected to your topic. You can make this list based on whether it is answering questions such as possibly the purpose behind the topic or how to execute a certain task or activity.

By helping your e-readers out, they’ll be sure to refer back to you, share your eBook along, and even keep up with your new and upcoming works.

Well, these are evidently reasons enough to gauge the importance of well-written and high-quality content that’ll be sure to keep readers hooked and wanting more.

Marketing Magic

Another one of the factors heavily influencing your book’s quest to bestseller stardom is eBook marketing. You’d be surprised by just how many wonders some good eBook marketing strategies and campaigns can do for you and your eBook.

Marketing has the power to take your eBook from a single read to a million overnight. So, keep that in mind when you’re deciding your book’s overall promotional strategies. All you have to do is emphasize the major problem that your eBook discusses and convince readers it’s worth their money and time.

So, now you know that there’s a lot more than just numbers that determine your eBook’s place on the digital shelf, as well as the number of readers, new and all, you’re able to draw in. And that’s precisely what takes some good old marketing magic.

Let’s give you some details about just how to wave the marketing magic wand in your eBook’s favor.

●        Show, Show, Show!

All spectacular marketing is based on the concept of showing what you’ve got in store or what’s to come. So, when it comes to your eBook, showcasing its best parts and concepts with the help of some good quality aesthetic pots and videos is a great way to market it.

By including visuals related to your eBook in your marketing, there are chances to boost sales by a whopping 50%.

●        Staying on Top of the Latest Instagram and TikTok Trends

These two social media platforms are currently taking the lead in the world of social media marketing. By hopping on the latest Instagram reel trends and regular stories, as well as TikToks, you can promote your eBook to the masses.

This effect is amplified if you use the platform’s tending audios and can skyrocket you into the viral spotlight. You can watch as your eBook takes to the skies.

●        Including Your eBook in Your Captions and Bios

This is somewhat a given, but by including some content related to your eBook, either a book blurb or some interesting teasers about your eBook in the captions, you’ll be able to capture just the attention of the masses and get them hooked towards your eBook even quicker and for much longer.

This makes sure that the audience, as they get intrigued, either looks up your eBook or searches for something related to it almost instantly.

●        Making Use of Branding Hashtags

A very commonly used and exceptionally successful book marketing tactic in the world of book Toks, book reels, and book Tubes is that of making a hashtag about your book and encouraging your audience to use it, too. This way, you can promote your eBook across all platforms and boost your eBook’s overall reach by a ton, too.

Breaking It Down – How Long Should an eBook Be?

Now, let’s get to the real deal and find out just how long should an eBook be. It’s finally time to break down how long an eBook should be so that you can give your digital creation the perfect length.

There are a lot of different “perfect page numbers,” but it all comes down to what your eBook is like and what genre, topic, and type of writing you’re going for. Every different type of eBook has its own complexities and requirements. Some might just be a handful of pages, while others might be a couple hundred.

For instance, fiction-based eBooks will have a word count and overall page number count that’ll be a lot different than that of how-to manual or brand-based eBooks. And so, if a certain number may seem like the ideal page count to you, even if you’re exceeding it, don’t let it force you to either restrict or stretch out your writing.

This is precisely why we’ve done the hard work and prepared the perfect set of tips to guide you in picking the perfect word count for your eBook, no matter what it may be about.

For your understanding, let’s split the number of pages according to the number of words into two sections.

  • eBooks that are More Than a Thousand Words Long
  • eBooks That Are Less Than a Thousand Words Long

But Why Wordcount and Not Page Numbers?

But first, let’s tell you why we’re doing this. Now, as we know, eBooks are part of the digital sphere and available across multiple platforms, either free or for purchase across digital libraries and even devices. So, page numbers tend to become a rather tricky means of measuring since they vary. For instance, a page number on Amazon’s Kindle device will most likely be different from the same eBook’s page number on a link available online.

So, even though you’ll write a specific number of pages that tends to stay the same since you’re writing an eBook, it becomes a complex and varying figure as your eBook goes from platform to platform.

 So, to avoid the hassle and confusion, it’s better to just stick to word count as you write your eBook and try to gauge how long an eBook should be.

Each of the sections will describe what eBook fits in that category and why. So, let’s begin.

1.      eBooks that are More Than a Thousand Words Long

First up, we’ve got eBooks that are more than a thousand words long. Now, exceeding the thousand-word marker is perfect for writers and eBook creators who are either self-published or indie authors who want to skyrocket their reach and recognition.

This is also something that performs very well when it comes to receiving engagement from audiences who are eager to try out new complex genres, storylines, and topics. And let’s not forget how big of a market and large audience there is who functions on the basis of experiments. So, this becomes perfect to capture large amounts of attention.

Now, a lot of Indie authors tend to divert toward Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. So, if this is something you’re willing to tap into and explore, as well as questions such as the appropriate word count for eBooks on Amazon and how long an eBook should come to your mind, then we’ve got the answer, too.

In simple words, there really isn’t a minimum page requirement for self-publishing on Amazon Kindle. In fact, you can even write an eBook that’s just ten pages long or a twenty-pager. It’s all up to you. And again, drawing back to wordcounts, whatever wordcount suits you in this case, it’s good to go.

Here are a few examples of the types of long eBooks that come under this section:

  • Children’s eBooks
  • Full-length novels of any genre
  • Short fictional eBooks
  • Short stories
  • Print books

2.      eBooks That Are Less Than A Thousand Words Long

Now, when it comes to eBooks that are less than a thousand words long, these are ideal options for writers and eBook creators who are experts and want to use their eBooks to sell some kind of information or knowledge. This information and knowledge can be about any brand, topic, and genre.

These types of eBooks can also be based on selling some advice such as tips related to professions, life’s stages, self-help books, or those about improving or learning skills and art such as baking, painting, and so much more. The list goes on.

And these eBooks are commonly sold on the eBook writer or creator’s own website. This way, they also have more control over the profits that are generated, which is not entirely the case when self-publishing on Amazon Kindle.

Here’s an inside peak: eBooks that are short and a quick read usually capture huge audiences and a much higher conversion rate in general.

Here are examples of short eBooks that come under this section:

  • Manuals
  • Guides of different sorts
  • Lists and Summaries

So, there you have it, folks. Now that you know just how long an eBook should be, you can write away stress-free and watch as your eBook, no matter what genre it is, conquers the bestselling shelf with the perfect number of words and pages.

If you’re still struggling, you can always look into partnering with a professional eBook writer or even an editor to guarantee your eBook’s success hassle-free.

How long should an eBook be?

Shorter eBooks can range from about a few pages to even 5,000 words and make really good lead magnets, too. There are also eBooks of about a lot more words than that, such as 20000 words and more.

What is the standard size of an eBook?

The standard size is 20.8 x 33.3 inches.

Is 2000 words good enough for an eBook?

Yes, for a non-fiction eBook, 2000 words is a perfect figure. And, if your eBook is non-fiction, it can absolutely be longer.

How many pages is a good eBook?

Based on research, the average length of most bestselling eBooks is 15-20 standard pages.

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